Make your products multilingual and stay agile

Deliver the same product to your customers speaking different languages.

Streamline the localization of your product's user interface, website, marketing, and support content with Crowdin.

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Bring all your content together

Add original texts and assets for your apps, websites, games, emails, docs, blogs, and more - easily.

We support over 40 file formats, ranging from json files to csv and properties files.


Agency or your own translators

Work only with your trusted agency, find a vendor in Crowdin, or combine work with different translation teams. Invite them all to your Crowdin project, give access to specific languages, and receive simultaneous translations.

  • Bring your own translators

  • Choose a translation vendor in Crowdin Marketplace

  • Invite your community to make translations

Integrations & Automation

Flexible workflows with integrated tools

Automate updates of the source content for translation. Instantly receive translations, safely waiting to be merged or published.

  • Integrace

    Set up integrations with your repository, help desk, and other systems. Source content is always up-to-date for your translators and already translated content is automatically sent back.

  • API, CLI, SDKs, and Webhooks

    Customize your experience and automate localization specific to your workflows.

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"When we evaluated localization options for the Electron project, Crowdin stood apart from the competition. It’s free for open source projects, it integrates well with GitHub, and has moderation controls for managing large translator communities. Crowdin’s support and engineering staff are also friendly and helpful."

Optimization & Control

View real-time progress and detailed reports

Productivity for translators

Online editor pro překládání

With Crowdin translators and proofreaders become more efficient and make better translations. They collaborate online with other translators and managers or work independently offline, access translation editor from any location and device, and get the cutting-edge tools.

"It’s the best translation tool for us to localize our user interface with a global community of volunteers. Both volunteers and in-house proofreaders can interact on the same platform, ask questions and exchange opinions about the best possible translation. Crowdin also makes it very easy for new translators to join our project to empower people to fix their stuff and save money while keeping electronics out of landfills."

Technology & Resources

Use the latest technology and provide context to save your time

Reliability & Security

Keep your data secure

We respect your privacy and offer protection for your projects, files, and translations with security features at Crowdin.

  • 99.9% Uptime

  • Single-Sign-On (SSO)

  • Two-factor authentication

  • EU GDPR compliant

  • OAuth2-OpenID Connect

  • Private projects, access permissions, and user roles

Technical Support

We are ready to guide you, whenever you need

Our team is here to help in chat, email, calls - always just a few clicks away in case you have questions.

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